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Contract packaging

Contract Packaging

Customers have the option of choosing their own brand or alternatively our standard generic brands for packaging services, which include the following:

  • Coffee, Creamer & Sugar Sachets

  • Salt & Pepper Sachets, alternatively other spices and/or seasoning

  • Sanitizer Sachets

  • Condiment sachets: For example tomato sauce, vinegar, mustard, chutney etc.

  • Plastic Cutlery

  • Range of other dry and powder products

  • Customized packing solutions for events, clients and/or employees

Sachet Packaging

All sachets are packed in primary packaging material suitable for the product content and viscosity. We utilize the commonly accepted form-fill-seal technology, whereby essentially a pocket is formed, filled with content and then sealed.

Sachet sizes vary from 1g to 20g or 3ml to 10ml options.

Customers have the option of having sachets packed in either:

  • Simple small quantities form, which may be customer specific

  • Cartons varying in size from 200/carton to 1000/carton

  • The product determines the standard quantity per carton

  • The specific product categories will reflect our most common options (Click here to see the sachet product categories)

Sachet Packaging

Beverage and Ration Packs

A wide range of customized beverage and ration packs are offered to fulfil the daily beverage needs of any large or small workforce. The various industries using these packs are factories, mines, assembly lines, field operators, construction sites, government departments, etc.


The use of customized portion control product solutions eliminates wastage, shrinkage and unhygienic situations. Bulk ingredients become messy, wastage is unavoidable and expensive in the long run. The desirability of these packs is an obvious solution.


The customer’s workforce needs are assessed before a pack can be supplied to them. The criteria used would be to identify the number of daily drinks required.

This category is suitable for tea, coffee, creamer, sugar and cooldrink sachets, but is frequently also customized for other product lines based on customer demand. Examples here would be sporting packs prior to race day, Easter packs, Christmas Hampers, Birthday Specials etc.

Beverage and Ration Packs
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