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Tea, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar Sachets

We are able to package tea, coffee, creamer and sugar into sealed sachets.


The coffee is our generic blend and is packaged into 4g sachets.

The creamer is also packaged into 4g sachets.

Sugar is available in single 6g serving or a double 14g serving. 

All of our tea is sourced from prominent tea producing countries, using customised packaging to suit your needs.

3 Top Health Benefits of Tea:

1. Tea helps us keep young by preventing the body from "rusting" with all its Antioxidants.

2. Teas have less caffeine than what coffee contains. This will irritate your nervous system far less than coffee. 

3. There have been many studied done to show that tea may reduce the risk of a heart attack and a stroke.

"Coffee is always a good idea." ~ Audrey Hepburn

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