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Tea and Coffee Distributors:

We are a food and cleaning product supply company specializing in the sachet packaging of coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, condiments, cooldrinks, sanitizers, liquid cleaning products and similar.

Not only do we specialize in packaging these products in sachet form from 3ml to 10ml, and 1g to 20g, but we also supply these products, soups, milk powders in larger bulk quantity packaging. Office groceries, cleaning products etc also form part of our portfolio.

We are a supplier to all industries and businesses, including government, schools, retirement villages and private households.

We offer the option of contract manufacturing, where customer’s have the option of choosing their own brand or alternatively our own standard generic brands. 


Please note we are open during the lockdown period and are following all necessary precausions. 

Visit us at our office or contact us to make any orders and we will deliver to your door.

"We focus on delivering quality products with old fashioned personalized service at affordable and competitive prices. A fleet of vehicles await your order for fast and efficient delivery to your door!"


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Our Environment

At Tea & Coffee, we remain committed to identifying uses for waste product (especially plastic and packaging), which may be put to better use than in a dumpsite!

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" ~ Robert Swan

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